Learn how to launch a beautifully designed, fully customized, membership side-business this weekend. Without coding anything.

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Design it.

Build it.

Market it.

Automate it.

Monetize it.

Grow it.

Your no-code stack

You’ll learn how to setup all the tools and services to run your side-business. Everything from launching a website, accepting payments, handling customer support, to growing your email list, and more.

Visually design, build & host a powerful website
Manage users, accept payments, and restrict content
Process payments securely
Automate & connect everything
Grow your audience & send emails
Handle customer support
Track visitors growth (GDPR Safe)
Manage your business (Projects, notes, todos, etc)

What will be in the course?

This course is meant to give you a jumpstart. So it'll include training, templates and assets to help you launch your side-business in a weekend.

Step-by-step videos

I'll walk you through, step-by-step showing you how to setup & launch your website, grow your email list, and manage your side-business.

Webflow templates

You'll get your choice of several beautifully designed Webflow templates made specifically for running your membership side business.

Assets & resources

Checklists, templates and assets for creating lead magnets to grow your email list, sharing on social media, launching on Product Hunt, managing everything in Notion, and more.

Coming soon :)

Weekend Build is still in production and is set to launch in early 2020. If you're interested in learning how to build a membership side business without coding, subscribe below and I'll send you updates on the course.

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Who created this?

Hi, my name is Mackenzie Child 👋 the guy behind Weekend Build. I'm a designer, illustrator and maker of things.

My goal with Weekend Build is to show people that they can take their idea, launch it in a weekend, and start growing it into something special.

Something that could some day allow you to quit their day job, save for a house, or pay off debt.

And best of all, you can do this without needing to code anything, and without needing a full team to make it all happen.

What will be included in this course?

Step by step videos & screencasts

Webflow template to jumpstart your site

Checklists, templates and other assets to help you run setup, market & run your side-business.

Basically everything you need to jumpstart your side-business. That way you can focus on creating your content and helping your customers.

What sorts of memberships could I build and launch?

There are all sorts of ideas you could launch!

Like cooking? You could launch a food blog with member only recipes.

Are you particularly good at something, like marketing, design, coding, etc that you could teach to someone else? You could launch a weekly or monthly video training site on that topic.

Do you have a following on YouTube or Instagram, etc? You could build a site that offers additional content, behind the scenes, livestreams or whatever you’d like.

Not sure what to launch? Let’s chat about it.

Send me an email at heyweekendbuild@gmail.com and we can come up with an idea together.

When is this course launching?

Weekend Build is still in the early days, but the first course should launch in early 2020.

I show you exactly how to get it setup, customize it to be uniquely you, and integrate the other services to get your side-business up and running.